How to GREET anyone…


Universal greeting

HELLO.. the Universal greeting…

This word knows no boundaries, no language, no race, no culture, nothing… Everyone knows what it means and how we should respond to it…

But some people remain to be defiant and not use this beautiful greeting.. and instead opt for this silly greeting….


I mean, it’s totally fine if paired with HELLO… and you actually pause and wait for the answer… Or if you do it like Joey…

Joey's infamous HOW YOU DOIN is more acceptable...

Then I’d say it’s more acceptable since he actually pauses and looks you in the eye… He might be undressing you with his vision but who cares, he’s there! Plus, he’s easy on the eyes as well..

Most people just say HOW ARE YOU when you meet along the hallway and just pass you by… Not bothering to pause and hear your actual answer…

If you don’t have time to hear an answer, just use HELLO, people! TWO SYLLABLES… plain and easy…

And if you’re really lazy… I’ll give you two options…

1.) say HI or HEY (both are one syllable only, no stress)

2.) wave or nod!

Noddin my head like yeah - Miley Cyrus

I hope you learned something useful today…

Sharday, signing off!

P.S. To make things more personal, insert their names at the end of the greeting… 😀


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