An inspiration to blog again…

All of a sudden, I’ve decided to revisit my blog and wondered if I could dabble into some writing again. This is all thanks to this wonderful website that I know find myself visiting daily. I’m sure most of you, hardcore bloggers, would know about it. It’s Thought Catalog and it’s a WordPress site, too.

I just love how everything is so tongue-in-cheek and yet extremely poignant at the same time. Everyday these talented writers manage to come up with something really random and make you go, “Oh, why didn’t I think of that??” or “I should have gone through with that, dang it!”

So, yeah, I do suggest going through that said website and you might just find yourself re-reading certain posts as they just hit you straight through your heart. I know some of them did, and they’re now all printed out waiting to be framed on the wall.

But yeah, let’s see how this sudden “want to blog” goes, this time!


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