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Another attempt at blogging

Okay, I have really been thinking of starting blogging again due to the fact that blogging is an effective way of expressing your feelings without whining directly to people. With blogging, a reader can simply click on that little X on the top right of the screen and everything disappears. Ain’t technology grand?!

And also, I’m a girl. Girls are hormonal. Hormones make us crazy. And when we’re crazy, we’re sure to drive men and women crazy too. So, you see how this will affect everyone?

Or, I think it was because of the Eid weekend?

Or was it because I attempted to bake myself in the scorching sun on that Saturday morning, trying to get rid of my pasty pale skin? That, and because I was awake before 12nn on a weekend? Wrong, so wrong.


I think the real problem about sustaining a blog is the fact that you never know if your blogs are too personal. If it’s too personal, why not just write it on a diary, right?

But I think people today are exhibitionists. Exhibitionists in the sense that they crave attention by exposing themselves completely to ridicule or admiration. You’re lucky if people like you for having metaphorical “balls”. And if you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum? Well, at least you tried, I guess?

Hmmm, metaphorical “balls”. Isn’t balls a metaphor in itself for the testicles of men? Why hasn’t the metaphor “eggs” ever caught on for strong women? Technically, “balls” are a strong weakpoint for men. You kick them and they crumble. That never happens when girls get kicked in the “eggs” or the other term that’s synonymous to a feline? Ok, I just strayed off topic there. You see why I can’t exactly blog anymore?


Okay, I’ll leave now. YouTube has been calling me to listen to new music. Crap. All these indie girls are luring me in!!


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An inspiration to blog again…

All of a sudden, I’ve decided to revisit my blog and wondered if I could dabble into some writing again. This is all thanks to this wonderful website that I know find myself visiting daily. I’m sure most of you, hardcore bloggers, would know about it. It’s Thought Catalog and it’s a WordPress site, too.

I just love how everything is so tongue-in-cheek and yet extremely poignant at the same time. Everyday these talented writers manage to come up with something really random and make you go, “Oh, why didn’t I think of that??” or “I should have gone through with that, dang it!”

So, yeah, I do suggest going through that said website and you might just find yourself re-reading certain posts as they just hit you straight through your heart. I know some of them did, and they’re now all printed out waiting to be framed on the wall.

But yeah, let’s see how this sudden “want to blog” goes, this time!

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How to GREET anyone…


Universal greeting

HELLO.. the Universal greeting…

This word knows no boundaries, no language, no race, no culture, nothing… Everyone knows what it means and how we should respond to it…

But some people remain to be defiant and not use this beautiful greeting.. and instead opt for this silly greeting….


I mean, it’s totally fine if paired with HELLO… and you actually pause and wait for the answer… Or if you do it like Joey…

Joey's infamous HOW YOU DOIN is more acceptable...

Then I’d say it’s more acceptable since he actually pauses and looks you in the eye… He might be undressing you with his vision but who cares, he’s there! Plus, he’s easy on the eyes as well..

Most people just say HOW ARE YOU when you meet along the hallway and just pass you by… Not bothering to pause and hear your actual answer…

If you don’t have time to hear an answer, just use HELLO, people! TWO SYLLABLES… plain and easy…

And if you’re really lazy… I’ll give you two options…

1.) say HI or HEY (both are one syllable only, no stress)

2.) wave or nod!

Noddin my head like yeah - Miley Cyrus

I hope you learned something useful today…

Sharday, signing off!

P.S. To make things more personal, insert their names at the end of the greeting… 😀

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Poker Newbie

I’m Sharday and I’m a poker newbie… (This is the part where you reply, “Hi Sharday!”)

So, I’ve recently just started playing Texas Hold’Em Poker on Facebook due to peer pressure and I’ve been bombarded with numerous game requests from friends. I actually clicked it by mistake and this window just pop opened and it looked so alluring, I could not resist it. I was being hypnotized by this lady…

The Devil is a ginger kid!

Back to my story…

I was actually getting the hang of this game, after two days or something, I logged in and started playing. It was going fine and dandy, until the chatbox started pinging like crazy. People were actually chatting and playing at the same time! And they’re just beginners, so much about multi-tasking, eh?! And this one girl eventually caught my attention for two reasons: 1.) She just won a huge pot of money and 2.) Her profile picture was begging to be mocked.

Here comes what I presume is to be a white guy who joins in the table for the next hand. I just knew he was white for two reasons: 1.) His name was Ryan (you can’t get more American than that!) and 2.) His profile pic was of AC/DC. I just had a strong feeling about it and I wasn’t wrong at all! (My clairvoyance is still intact! Woot!)

70s rock... yeah! awesome! (insert other "stoned" expressions)

Alas, I was right! And the conversation went like this:


Manilyn: HI!


Manilyn: WER R U FROM?

Ryan: AZ

Manilyn: HUH? WER IS DAT?

Me: (butting in the conversation) ARIZONA


Manilyn: OH! DAT IS NICE!

(some form of chatter from some other players were going on at this point)

Manilyn: RYAN! im from d phillipines

Me: Obviously

Ryan: OK

Manilyn: It’s a vry nyc country


My evil, sarcastic side couldn’t help but come out at this point. I was trying to hold it in but it won out eventually.


Me: You can’t even spell out your country’s name right… DUH!

The evil side won out and typed that message out loud. You see, I can be such a stick-up-in-my-ass kind of person when it comes to spelling and grammar. You can call me the “grammar police”, I don’t care. The “good” side didn’t really protest as she found it equally offending as well.

My two sides have eventually agreed on one thing...

How did it end? No, I did not wait for her retort as there was just no point in waiting for it.

No, really, my friend saw my expression while playing and knew something was up. (The evil twinkle in my eye can be seen from a mile away) And logged me out of the game.


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One year in the UA of E!!

October 24, 2010… just another date for any other normal human being… for me, it marks my first year of “existing” here in the UA of E… Yes, I do have an actual life here… it might not be something I could compare to what I had in Cebu, but it’s still something to carry with me for the rest of my mortal life…

Friends and family have told me that I look happy here and that I have settled in quite nicely… I guess I’m the kind of person who can adapt to change quickly and not get homesick that frequently… (insert comments here like: SHE’S HEARTLESS or something nasty)

Don’t get me wrong but I do try to see something positive in every experience… But this is the perfect opportunity for me to be independent and to have a life… The time to make decisions and mistakes… You only have three companions here through and through and they are: ME, MYSELF and I. They will never fail you and will always be consistent… People who don’t believe in themselves are just gonna be stuck as a RUNT… (I say, IF YOU DON’T KNOW, CHECK GOOGLE)

“Career”… do I have one? I guess I do… it’s not time to elaborate about it, yet… I do not want to jinx anything…

“Friends”… got tons of them… I am fairly surprised to have met a bunch who operate on the same radio frequency that my brain uses… there are some who belong to the sarcastic group, the funny ones, the cute ones and the one who cusses a lot (mostly sarcastic and funny too)… those are my peeps and they cheer me up everyday…

“Amore”… Does it exist here?! I am a skeptic… Flirting is a famous sport here, next to soccer (fine, FOOTBALL!) and camel racing (yes, camels can run even with those humps on their backs)… I think I even know people who have awards and are hall-of-famers as well… Let me compare it to “Sex and the City” or “Gossip Girl”… enough said…

“Shopping”… I cannot get enough of it but I cannot get enough moolah to continue it, either… which just totally bombs!

“Scenery”… two things: “sand” and “buildings”… That is what you’re gonna primarily see when you go around Dubai… The trees even feel so fake here… Clouds?! Sooner or later, you will forget what they look like since they don’t appear as normally as it should… Rain?! What’s that?!?!

So, today, I start the first day of my second year here in the UA of E… Will “Lady Luck” be on my side now and finally get tired of playing pranks on me?! Or will she just continue on to torture me with her sadistic humor?!

Lady Luck, please be nice…

I am nice…

when I’m fast asleep… 😛

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