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Another attempt at blogging

Okay, I have really been thinking of starting blogging again due to the fact that blogging is an effective way of expressing your feelings without whining directly to people. With blogging, a reader can simply click on that little X on the top right of the screen and everything disappears. Ain’t technology grand?!

And also, I’m a girl. Girls are hormonal. Hormones make us crazy. And when we’re crazy, we’re sure to drive men and women crazy too. So, you see how this will affect everyone?

Or, I think it was because of the Eid weekend?

Or was it because I attempted to bake myself in the scorching sun on that Saturday morning, trying to get rid of my pasty pale skin? That, and because I was awake before 12nn on a weekend? Wrong, so wrong.


I think the real problem about sustaining a blog is the fact that you never know if your blogs are too personal. If it’s too personal, why not just write it on a diary, right?

But I think people today are exhibitionists. Exhibitionists in the sense that they crave attention by exposing themselves completely to ridicule or admiration. You’re lucky if people like you for having metaphorical “balls”. And if you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum? Well, at least you tried, I guess?

Hmmm, metaphorical “balls”. Isn’t balls a metaphor in itself for the testicles of men? Why hasn’t the metaphor “eggs” ever caught on for strong women? Technically, “balls” are a strong weakpoint for men. You kick them and they crumble. That never happens when girls get kicked in the “eggs” or the other term that’s synonymous to a feline? Ok, I just strayed off topic there. You see why I can’t exactly blog anymore?


Okay, I’ll leave now. YouTube has been calling me to listen to new music. Crap. All these indie girls are luring me in!!


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